Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Denver, Colorado February 17, 2019 - A Second Night with Big Something and Aqueous


Set One Big Something

The weekend continued the next night in Denver, Colorado at the classic Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Like every night of this dual tour, the opener and headliners switch it up. This night Big Something began the night. Never miss a SUNDAY SHOW!

The Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is a classic venue with a wrapping second level viewing. The rounded stage was prepped with the gear and there was no shortage of 2nd night fans for this amazing night of music.

In true North Carolina based Big Something fashion, they brought it and brought it early. Casey Cranford started the night off with “EWI 4000”, a staple of the Big Something sound (EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument) combined with Ben Vinograd’s steady and venue filling drums. This hard charging start for Big Something was an indication of what’s to come for the night. Next in queue was “Sundown Nomad” off Big Something’s latest release, this is a song that will become an anthem for Big Something. “Passenger>Smoke Signal>Tumbleweed” might have been some new sounds for fans that haven’t seen Big Something many times in their career, but it certainly hooked the groove for the night. Big Something pulled out “Truth Serum” which is the smooth mellow rolling definition of sound for Big Something and a chance for Josh Kagel to shine in synth and trumpet, but this was just the middle of the set and it was about to be FIRE. “Wildfire”, from their latest release “The Otherside”, did start the fire for the rest of the night, showing the bands diverse sounds and allowing Nick MacDaniels to sing the words in such ways, this song has “IT”. Big Something began to close out the night with the first cover of the night “Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winter Band and closing the night our with “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath in true hard pounding Jesse Hensley and Douglas Marshall Rock and Roll style. Big Something never disappoints.

Set Two Aqueous

The crowd is primed at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom following Big Something’s opening set. Aqueous opens it up with the thematic “Kitty Chases (Explosions)”. Vocals, guitar, and the drums are a fine start to this Dual tour night. For a first song of the set Aqueous really drives it hard with the closing guitars and drums. Mike Gantzer and Rob Houk are in the one for this song.

Michelangelo Carubba of Turkuaz joins Aqueous on stage for “Welcome to Paradise”, why wouldn’t the welcome Mikey. “Don’t do it>Mice>Don’t do it” sandwich just brings the house down with the help of Evan McPhaden on bass groove at Cervantes, this was one of the most excited crowds I have seen at a show in a very long time. No doubt this was a heater in the snowing Denver.

Aqueous closes out the set with a debut cover “Toto” by Toto but never to leave it as just a cover, Aqueous invites out Big Something Members, Nick MacDaniels, Casey Cranford , Joshua Kagel, Jesse Hensley, Ben Vinograd. This was quite amazing to watch and hear. Many firsts of firsts on this closing song, a prelude to Aqueous’ Encore “Uncle Phil’s Parachute>Short People>Uncle Phil’s Parachute” sandwich.

There is no doubt the ensuing West Coast run following these 5 nights in Colorado will bring new fans and show a Rock, Jam, Groove, Reggae, and funk sound people have never heard but will long hear in the future.

Kitty Chaser (Explosions), Realize Your Light > Warren in the Window, Welcome to Paradise1, Numbers and Facts, Don't Do It >Mice > Don't Do It, Rosanna2 3

ENCORE: Uncle Phil's Parachute > Short People4 > Uncle Phil's Parachute

NOTES:1 ft Mikey Carrubba of Turkuaz(2) , ft Nick MacDaniels, Jesse Hensley, Josh Kagel, Ben Vinogard, and Casey Cranford of Big Something Toto cover(3), Aqueous debut (4) Instrumental

WORDS/PHOTOS – Neil Peek - Left of Center LIVE