Big Something/Aqueous

Ghosts of Stanley Hotel


The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado February 16, 2017 - A Night with Aqueous and BIG Something

Set One Aqueous

Rolling up to the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado, a beautiful destination in and it could not have been any colder or any more perfect setting for this night’s Dual Tour with Aqueous and Big Something. Dropping temperatures and blistering winds still could not keep the crowd from rolling into the Stanley Hotel Ballroom. Once everyone made their way in and had time to thaw out, it was time to get down and start moving. This show pairing is for real, good and only in its first 1/3 of the 21 stops.

Aqueous opened the night and started up with a slow but groovy “Weight of the World”. As they progressed their way into a crowd pleasing “Origami” which moved beyond the stars into everyone’s favorite song “The Median”. After the music went between space and the spooky haunted sounds of the Stanley courtesy of David Loss’s multi-talented sounds, we found ourselves at a point of rockin and groovin’ to the Aqueous funk driven by the roll and pound groove of Rob Houk’s drums and Evan McPhaden smooth bass riffs. The band broke out with “Random Company,” Clint Eastwood” sandwich that turned into a crowd sing along. (“Clint Eastwood” featured Nick MacDaniels from Big Something on vocals). Moving into “Aldehyde” the sound keeps its course and didn’t slow down. With their set coming to an end the band kept it jamming with “Half in, Half out” that energized Mike Gantzer on stage and had everyone shaking their bones. A great heartfelt set, and a mood coming from the band that kept everyone in the groove. The ghost from the Stanley Hotel were in attendance.

Set 1 - Weight of the Word, Origami, The Median, Random Company > Clint Eastwood1 > Random Company, Aldehyde, Half In, Half Out2

NOTES:1 Ft Nick MacDaniels of Big Something on rap/vocals2 Enter Sandman (Metallica) tease

Set Two Big Something

As Big Something came to the stage the place was a jumping after a searing Aqueous opener. Big Something started the second set of the night at The Stanley Hotel Ballroom with an unexpected “PsychoKiller” which fit the historic atmosphere of The Stanley Hotel. Moving along with songs like “Song for Us”, and “Blue Dream”. Big Something’s sound started to turn to the spooky and raunchy sounds of “Love Generator”, which took everyone into a place of bliss and happiness of the unexpected. No more than a blink of the eye we found ourselves in the middle of “Megaladon” which progressed its way into a classic Big Something mastery Pink Floyd cover, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”. After a while of getting down the fans worked their way through “Waves”. Big Something turned it up and moved on to a spectacular jam which featured Mike Gantzer (from Aqueous on guitar) on stage to kill it through “The Flood”. The always anticipated favorite was coming, Big Something brought a heartfelt “Amanda Lynn”, with Nick MacDaniels bringing his Mandolin again, a true fan favorite sing along. Ending the night with “Club Step” that rolled into “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” the classic Allman Brothers jam that was more than enough to keep everyone on their toes and seal their memories of this amazing dual headlining tour.

Psycho Killer> In the Middle> The Curse of Julia Brown> Song for Us> Blue Dream>Love Generator> Megalodon> Shine On You Crazy Diamond> Waves> The Flood*,Amanda Lynn

Encore: Club Step> In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

*Mike Ganzter (Aqueous) Guitar

The haunting rumors of the Stanley Hotel can know be set to rest. All the ghosts are down in the dance hall listening to the echoes of what can be heard from decades to come.

WORDS – Trey Poythress