BIG SOMETHING: RVA. “That was something to see!!”

I was heading to RVA for the 2 night run at the Broadberry. Reached out to a friend that was in town that hadn't been to a Big Something show......... Thanks Trey Poythress for your below thoughts. -N.Peek

Jan 27 - Richmond, VA - The Broadberry - When I was first asked to go to see Big Something I was hesitant and not sure what it was going to be all about. But after a few minutes in the venue I could already feel the comradely between the fans and the band. Talking with the fans you could feel the excitement and anticipation that was about to come. And they were right…

The first night was a plethora of musical genius along with the sides of funk, new school jams, and whole full sounds. As the night went on you could tell that the band was feeling it and from the crowd’s reaction, we were too. At that point the vibe was alive and the magic was about to start. With smiles on their face the band just kept giving and giving their all. Everyone in the venue was up and moving at the stroke of each note. As the first night came to an end, they left me excited and ready to see more the next night.

As the second night approached, I found myself nervous and ready to go. Looking for more of the sound that I had felt the night before. But the question was. Can they top what had been done already?

The second night began with some hard-hitting jams, that were full of meaty guitar rifts and that get down attitude. No one in the venue was standing still. As the note pro creations soared, a different atmosphere was approaching. From song to song the sound slowly started moving its way to another dimension. It flowed as natural as anything into a realm of space and trippy innuendos. From this point on they had taken the old school sound and turned it into a new school masterpiece of triumph and ownership.

After a weekend with Big Something. I can now tell all of you this, if you have yet to see these guys, what are you waiting for? Their shows are full of energy, fun, and nothing short of a real swell dance party. 


-Trey Poythress