2019 Lineup

Big Something opened the gates again for their 8th annual BIG WHAT festival at Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Pittsboro, NC. This is a highly anticipated event for the  WHATFAM. This is a gathering of Music, Art, family and friends. It is like no other music festival for all involved.  The BIG WHAT offers a variety of like minded music from a long list of artists and bands from cross the country, the WHATFAM is from across the country. In August they all find themselves in The Middle of Nowhere with BIG SOMETHING. @thebigwhat #thebigwhat @bigsomethingofficial

"Take me to the middle 
The middle of nowhere 
Its where I wanna go 
The middle of nowhere"

[ DAY 1 in The Middle of Nowhere ]

[ DAY 2 in The Middle of Nowhere ]